Generating Date Dimension data in Microsoft Excel

Generating Date Dimension data in Excel

Having shared the SQL technique and the script for generating data for Date Dimension for use in self-service BI and Analytics in my , here I share another technique for the same purpose but for those of you who are not familiar with SQL.

Here is the that lets you create Date Dimension data for two years from a given start date. All that you have to do is enter the desired start of the year in date format in cell B3. Rest is taken care that everything refreshes automatically.

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A White Paper – Solving Relational Division problem in SQL – The Analyst Way

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Here I go posting a white paper on one of the classical and intellectually challenging problems that an analyst might come across. The paper is titled – “Understanding and Solving Relational Division problems in SQL – The Analyst way”.

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MS Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Hi.. Here I have composed a comprehensive listing of keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Office Excel 2010 in downloadable PDF format.

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